Professional Services

As a primary objective, The Virtual Freelancer seeks contractor or part-time positions with individuals, companies, or organizations that have a need to support, complement, or expand their print and/or online communications. Proficient in most PC-based word processing and design software, The Virtual Freelancer provides core desktop publishing services for a diverse range of projects, including:

  • Articles, newsletters, periodicals, and tabloids
  • Brochures, reports, and promotions
  • News releases and announcements
  • Direct marketing and advertising materials
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Graphs, charts, and signage
  • Instructional training guides and materials
  • E-newsletters and other electronic communications
  • Web site consulting and basic design.

The advantages to any company or organization in contracting out and using freelance services are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • Contracts arranged on a per project or time basis
  • No employee overhead, paid benefits, or payroll taxes
  • Opportunity to pursue more projects without hiring additional full-time personnel
  • Ability during times of recession or downsizing to still plan and implement ideas.

These advantages not only translate into dollar savings, but they also allow companies and organizations to focus their time and energy in other areas where employee supervision is vital.